Remo: A Review

Remo is 2016 Tamil romantic comedy written and directed by Bakkiyaraj Kannan. It stars Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthi Suresh in the lead roles. Now that those formalities are out of the way…
Everyone take a step aside; I have a personal bone to pick with this movie. Writers, Directors, makers of this film, how do you stoop so low and make a film that is so full of clichés. Did you have a list of generic South Indian rom-com clichés sitting next to you on the desk while you were planning this film out? Did you just not care enough to provide the audience with any original content? Do you think people just don’t mind watching the same redundant, derivative, unoriginal content on a weekly basis at their local cinema? I just want to know the motivation behind your film making efforts.

When you have a pretty talented front man like Sivakarthikeyan at your disposal, it would help you to provide him with challenging content or a character with some meat that he can sink his teeth into. Don’t even get me started on your newspaper thin female lead. I want you to read the next few lines very carefully. When you introduce your female character with children you create the mental association with your audience that, your grown woman, female lead is nothing but a child. This is hammered home even further when you give her no discernible decision making capabilities whatsoever. When talent is at your disposal and it is wasted in such a spectacular manner, it’s a clear slap on the cheek to your audience and when you don’t respect your audience, you have failed yourself as film makers.

 I could just sit in front of computer and type out a list of clichés the film uses. It would usually be a task that I personally would not do but hey, when the movie tries so little why should I try hard.

Here’s your list:

1. The jobless, supposedly useless male lead

2. The underwritten and clearly braindead female lead

3. Random child with disease to make the audience feel bad or sad or whatever 

4. Don’t even bother to explain the child’s disease because why does anyone care

5. Big gestures instead of genuine emotion to make the so called leads like each other

6. The complete douche of a guy our female lead is engaged to

7. Random useless parent characters

8. No consequences for actions

9. The big romantic gesture is so damn huge but our lead character has only 2 friends and the whole thing makes no sense

10. Say I love you without even knowing the person because love is just the thing that happens when you look at someone

I just want to put myself and the readers out of the misery of reading any more of these hackneyed, lazy clichés. 

The prime selling point which the movie’s marketing department is using to put butts in seats is the fact that our lead character also dresses up as a girl. Oh my god, be impressed. Let me sum up the terribleness of the whole thing with an example, our lead actress says she doesn’t believe in love because love causes pain and women who are attacked with acid. Our lead character is a doctor mind you and our male lead plays a female nurse in her hospital. Our female lead doctor is emotionally stunted enough to believe being is love leads to acid attacks and pain. Love has no redeeming qualities until our male lead nurse shows her otherwise 5 minutes later.

I could go on for days when I have such laziness and ineptitude in front of me. It takes away from any other aspect of filmmaking that is on display which might even be good once in a while. I’ll spare my readers from that but I will say a few chuckle worthy lines are not enough to warrant a visit to the theatre and spending your hard earned money on a movie that does not respect its audience.



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