Rambling/Ranting About Dhruva (2016)

Nutshell Ramble

A film that takes all the stupid horseshit of a day to day Telugu action film and makes it stupider and horseshittier.



Full Ramble

Dhruva is a 2016 Telugu action film directed by Surender Reddy, written by Mohan Raja, Surender Reddy and Vema Reddy and stars Ram Charan Teja, Rakul Preet Singh and Aravind Swamy. The film attempts to tell a supposed intelligent cop versus criminal story.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, because the public and the critics at large have accepted the film wholeheartedly. I was one of the people who went into the film after witnessing the huge wave of approval it was riding. I can clearly say I was extremely underwhelmed and frustrated. Before I get into the review I would also like to point out that I have not watched the original Tamil film.

This film is a stupid one masquerading as an intelligent film. It has no idea how technology or the judicial system work. It just wanted to pretend to be a smart as Einstein film but ends up falling flat. Everyone has heard this little phrase “Smart people never say they are smart”. This film goes out of its way to remind the audience its smart in about every other scene. When the film telegraphs every plot twist well in advance, it is not anywhere close to being clever.

The simplest example of stupid this film is would be the lack of security cameras at both the villain and hero’s lairs. More examples include no security cameras at hospitals. No one wears any gloves throughout the film even if they commit acts of crime. The villain does not clean up a murder scene which could implicate him, even weeks after the act. The supposed foreign entities want to buy a drug which has failed on 17 out of 18 test subjects. The court convicts a man based on doctored footage. I would like to ask if anyone who wrote this film ever read into how the judicial system works. There are so many more moments of idiocy littered throughout the film. It would take me a full 3000-word essay if I was to go through every single plot hole the film has.

The excessive run time, poor female characters, the ridiculous plot, the ludicrous amount of stupid supporting characters and the constant glad handing to the hero are all a source of frustration. Aravind Swamy has a really good presence as the main bad guy but then again he is one of the dumbest men to be called the smartest man in the country. This is a film which does not understand how conglomerates work and that is the biggest fault with all the villain’s actions. He has a few moments of good characterization but they are overshadowed by the lunacy the audience is subjected to.

Ram Charan Teja cannot act and that’s been a long standing joke amongst the Telugu audience, that belief is only reiterated here. He can have all the great body he wants but if he is as stone expression-ed as his pecs he might as well be a statue. His look is made to make the audience reminisce about his dad but then again Chiranjeevi’s skill would have schooled his son with a film like this. Rakul Preet Singh might as well be just a mannequin. She has nothing to offer to the film. She is the one the stupidest IPS students any film can portray. She has no goals in life apart from being with the hero.

The film has a couple of good visuals and that’s all it has in terms of innovative directing or camerawork. The main theme is average at best and the songs are totally horrible at best too. One might think I am not giving this film its fair shake and I am snob who does not like films made for the masses. But I would like to debunk that thought right there. I have quite enjoyed Race Gurram, Kick, Ashok etc. All Surender Reddy films. I liked them because there was always something to connect to and something fun to watch on screen.

This film is vacuum of charisma. It has no common sense. It has no coherence. It has no humor. It has fucking continuity errors between shots. That is how incompetent the film is at times. To finish this off I would like to say, the Telugu industry has made smart films, this is not one of them. Actions speak louder than words. If one actually makes a smart film, the audience will recognize it without being reminded of it every 3 minutes.


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5 thoughts on “Rambling/Ranting About Dhruva (2016)

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  1. Mr. Tejas Reddy you first watch a movie as a movie this is not your autobiography to tell they have done this and that when you don’t know acting shut your ass and keep quite don’t try to over react by giving negative comments you can’t get a publicity by adding all nonsense reviews shut your ass what you know about movie just a waste review please ignore this


    1. Mr. Sirish!! As you may know reviews are opinions. Opinions may or may not be right. As you may have noticed I wrote that my opinion might be an unpopular one right off the bat. I do know that the film has been generally well received.
      In my opinion it is a poor film but it does not mean that everyone else should feel the same. I am always open to discussion about what’s good and what isn’t. I do not sit on a high horse and say my view point is better than others. If a film is a hit, there is a reason behind it. The audience at large have connected to it in some way. I condemn people who urge others not to support movies they want to watch. As you may or may not have noticed, I never tell any of the readers to not go watch a film.
      If you like a film, more power to you. No one is ever wrong for loving a movie. A random person writing a 600 word essay about a film will rarely change your belief system.
      So if you would like a discussion I’m always open to it. If you think my options are bullshit I accept that wholeheartedly too.
      It’s actually great to see that people watch movies with such passion. If a film has done something to make you feel that level of emotion, it has done something right.


  2. Hello TJ,
    I just came across this blog of yours today. I am so glad that some body thinks alike about this movie. Every one talks about this as an intelligent movie when it is not (I am trying to not to be angry). There was absolutely no sanity check done on some of the things in the plot. Just one of the many..you pointed out.
    India is the largest exporter of cheap Generic drugs around the world. Money in Pharmaceuticals is so huge that a scientist who is a capable of inventing a drug would reap billions of dollars, Why would he have to waste time on Benamis and old city thugs, which is such a dirty business, that is beyond my understanding.
    It pretends to be a smart medico-legal thriller. I hope, Sanity prevails.

    I happened to watch Dangal in a row. Thank god, some do believe in a good story.

    Keep up your passion and good work!



    1. Thank you so much for liking the blog!! I really appreciate it.. I just wanted to watch this film like every other and keep my objective view.. i wanted to like it after everyone raved about it so much.. but sadly it wasn’t as good..
      Thank you for the support and it’s awesome to meet another movie lover!!


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