Raving About Gunda (1998)

Nutshell Raving

When a common man/woman swears by something, he/she swears by his/her mother, father, God etc. The film laughs at you and says “that’s cute” because the characters in this film swear by hookers. If that does not tell you how awesome this film is going to be, nothing will.



Full Raving

Gunda is God’s work. The good lord came down from God know where he lives to make this film happen. He knew the world lacked laughter during the late 90s and he had to flood it with laughter. He did that not by making a comedy, he made a film which is so superbly bad it’s hilarious. Don’t any of you ever say God did nothing for you, he gave you this! The gift of laughter is better than any other gift.

You may ask me as to how this film will make you laugh. And for that, I have a huge collection of moments you can look forward to. Don’t worry about spoilers because no matter what I say, I can never do justice to the images on-screen.

  1. The film’s two main villains are named Bulla and Chuttiya and both of them introduce themselves with clever rhymes. You may remember these rhymes better than Oscar-winning songs.
  2. The characters of the film react to death by reminiscing about hookers.
  3. The film has an airport, shipyard, mining trench, Bangalore, Mumbai and Ooty in a % mile radius.
  4. Mithun Chakraborthy hides behind a bicycle.
  5. The most Freudian movie in existence and all that that implies.
  6. Film’s plot kicks into action because a train station coolie is at an airport runway for some reason.
  7. The film does not jerk you around with false expectations. It promises and delivers on them in back to back scenes.
  8. The film is kicking too much ass to notice a stray dog walking into frame.
  9. Vidhana Soudha is apparently the Mumbai court because why not.
  10. Mithun Chakraborty finds “cleanest baby in trash bin” ever.
  11. The most surreally beautiful brothel since Saawariya.
  12. A real appreciation of the female form.
  13. A guy who asks to be castrated instead of killed.
  14. Shakti Kapoor gets castrated.
  15. Mithun Chakraborty walks into all the nemeses and they do not see him approaching.
  16. Anand Raaj Anand made 4 pieces of score and knew it was too badass and didn’t need much else to add to it.
  17. A guy dies when Mithun punches him on the head and he slides into the earth.
  18. Director refers to his older films because he knows no one else is making better movies.
  19. The film sees your Viagra and raises you Vitamin Sex (from London).
  20. If a coolie says Amitabh is his hero and not Mithun, I do not trust him.

So, for all this and more Gunda is the best film ever. I just do not have the requisite awesomeness to describe all the greatness gift-wrapped in this film. Treat yourself this holiday season with a bonafide classic.

I would like to conclude with my favorite rhyme from the film:

Mera naam hain Bulla                                                                                                                                       Rakhtha hoon Khulla.




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