Rambling About Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)

Nutshell Ramble

No one makes fantastical stories with such deeply affecting emotional themes like the creators of anime films. They tossed the ball up for themselves and knocked it straight out of the park.



Full Ramble

Kimi no Na wa/Your Name is a 2016 anime film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. It stars Ryunosuke Kamiki and Mone Kamishiraishi as its lead voice actors. The film explores a period in the life of two teenagers who share a unique bond with one another.

Kimi no Na wa/Your Name is one of the most visually arresting and fantastically told films one can watch. Talking about the film’s plot in any way, shape or form will be a major spoiler to anyone interested in watching the film for themselves. The film requires the audience to walk into it with a blank slate of knowledge about its story and in exchange, it offers very exciting and wholly original twists and turns with a high school romance as the backdrop.

The film does suffer from a slow start with its first 20 minutes. Everything might seem a bit cliched. Once the film kicks into gear, the film turns itself into the gift that keeps on giving. The animation is crisp and clear. The vistas of the landscapes the story takes place on are rendered gorgeously. The background score is a joy to listen to as it strikes every emotional peak and trough immaculately. I may not be a fan of the songs which come into play during the film but they do not take away from the progression of the film’s story and hence did not spoil the experience as a whole.

The film does have a complex plot and one needs to pay attention to the story which is being unfolded on screen. The film talks about intricacies and connections during its initial scenes and it goes full circle by the end of it as it plays its story out in an intense, complex, interconnected and emotionally satisfying way. The plot might get a bit too fantastical at times and suspension of disbelief is a must at a few instances but the weight of emotion the film leaves the audience with more than makes up for the investment the audience has to put in initially.

The primary idea of the film is key for the audience to enjoy it. I am a firm believer in the fact that the primary idea for a story does 50% of the work in hooking the audience to the screen. This film’s idea has more than its fair share of originality to entertain and engage the audience. It is a shame that not many people out of the anime crowd know about it. It is one the best and most visually stunning animated films one can watch in 2016. For all the great things 3D animation has achieved, there is a deep-seated emotional core with 2D animation and this film showed me why that statement is true.




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