Rambling About THE GREATEST SCENE EVER: Agni IPS Teaches You How To Swear


There is a reason that “this is the greatest scene ever” is written in caps, because it truly is the greatest ever. Don’t you dare come at me with your superbly filmed action or scenes dripping with tension, this scene is unlike all of those. None of those movies you mention have a guy yelling at a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, do they?

I thought so, not shut the fuck up and let me tell you why this is awesome!!


This is a miracle movie. Most of us have seen films like The Room or Birdemic or many other so bad its good movies but no one has ever seen a film where a super cop walks from scene to yells at every motherfucker present in it. He doesn’t care if you are an old man, reporter, politician, Vidhana Soudha or Mahatma Gandhi, he will find you and hurl insults at your general direction. Sai Kumar is God for this very reason. Yell-ey cops are a staple of supposed “mass” films, I’m looking at you Suriya from Singam. But none of those men hold a candle to what Agni IPS (Sai Kumar) can do. Instead of going through this film scene by scene, which I can do mind you because a couple of my best friends and I have watched this movie to no end, I will tell you about one specific moment of awesomeness.

I will not even attempt to provide context to how we got here except for a couple of lines. I urge every single red blooded human being to find and watch this film or else Agni IPS is capping your pathetic ass. 

So, Agni’s partner is hurt after an altercation with the bad guys. Agni is fucking pissed and none of those dick holes in the film can handle the amount of ass murdering insults he is about to unleash.


Agni first meets his co-cops. He calls them pimps and whores (don’t even look for sense with the dialogues here alright. I’ll punch you in your grape sized balls if you do) for being butt munchers whose silence is for hire by the supposed “rich” and the murderous “rowdies”. He gives the abbreviation for the word POLICE, tells them to suck their own dicks and walks away to meet the “bad guy”. This is when things get so awesome that my eyes were burned alive as I saw it for the first time.

So the villain guy is contemplating the fact that Agni killed a bunch of his bros. Agni is fucking God so when you think of him he invades your fucking house. So he walks in and makes himself comfortable with the most over the top leather sound effect ever. 

How quickly do you drink your bottle of brandy? A half an hour at best? Agni sees your bitch ass and shows you how its done. He fucking chugs a bottle of brandy in 9 seconds flat because fuck your pathetic face that’s why.


The villain guy tries to bribe him. He offers him 50,000, 75,000 and 1 lakh rupees. Agni roundly rejects the bad guy’s offers and tells him he ain’t his father-in-law to give him any money. He then explains why cops are the shit. He says those cock gobblers who wear khadi switch sides and those kaavi (saffron) wearing douchebags lose allegiances for some pussy. But he wears neither of those, he wears khaki (cop uniform), not just any khaki but KHADAR KHAKI.

Agni says the villain guy can get all the money in the world to pay him for his loyalty but will still fail and then calls him a BAAL, not just any baal, a LAUDE KE BAAL (pubes). My god the number of times I have cheered for that exact line are innumerable. It is not only the highlight of this film but all films combined and no one can convince me otherwise. The unbroken shot, Sai Kumar and the cast’s clear unawareness of how stupid the material is combined with that over-the-top acting, Sai Kumar’s Telugu sounding Kannada all add to bring this scene to a crescendo of pure tosh.

Once this is done, he hold the villain at “bullshit-looking sword” point and tells him to stop his young whore style of business handling. I just can’t describe this scene without sounding ridiculous as fuck, myself. After this Agni tells the bad guy that his small cocked antics are never going to scare his tree trunk sized cock by flashing him his acid burned chest. Don’t you dare hide the eyes of your kids from it. They can miss seeing boobs but they cannot miss seeing this. They need to understand when flashing really counts. This will teach them some motherfucking values.

He then tells the villain to go fuck himself and tells him that he (Agni) will demolish his criminal empire. This is punctuated by the loudest sound effect ever because God knows the sound has to match Agni’s loudness or else it can stick it tail between its legs and go eat donkey shit. Agni moves to leave the house when the henchmen try to attack him.

Oh No! How will he get away from this???

Well, Agni isn’t your regular dog shit good guy who fights and shows off his skills. Fuck you if you think Agni is going to reduce to their level. He just lifts his hands up and tells them the scene is done and walks away because this ain’t no Thug Life, this is real time Cop Life. He just gave the audience the finger along with the villains and you will love it, why?, because AGNI, that’s why!

Every one of you needs to go watch this masterpiece right fucking now! The scene is linked down below and watching it will make your day.

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