Rambling About Kaabil (2017)

Nutshell Ramble

The film takes you back to a time when the good guys are the good-est guys and the bad guys are the bad-est guys. A distinct lack of nuance, stakes and common sense derail a film that could have been a trailblazer.

OVERALL SCORE – 1.75-stars.png


Full Ramble

Kaabil is a 2017 revenge drama film directed by Sanjay Gupta, written by Vijay Kumar Mishra and Sanjay Masoom and stars Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Rohit Roy and Ronit Roy. The film follows the story of a visually impaired couple whose peaceful life is rocked by an unlawful incident.

Kaabil is a film which writes itself into a box with its premise. The simplest argument I can make against it is the fact that the film can go one of two ways and both ways are implausible in their own right.  Number one, you make the bad guys hurt the blind guy which no one wants to watch or number two, you make a film where the blind man annihilates the bad guys with the least bit of concern shown to logic, which just annoys me personally.

Kaabil starts off with novel intentions with some of the more original characters put to screen. Hrithik’s derp face notwithstanding, the lead pair of the film do not ask for sympathy from the audience as they go about their daily lives with consummate ease. They have jobs and dreams and live with their heads held high. It is super refreshing when a film chooses not to pander. The backdrops where their love blossoms might look fake as shit but the emotions the film is trying to convey seem reasonable enough. And then.

And then.


The film put itself in a time machine and goes back to the 70s or 80s or early 90s. Pick your era because almost all the revenge dramas that came out of those eras are the same. Middle to low-class person, evil politician, a sexual assault of some kind, you know, the basics. The film falls back onto those tropes and the logic level drops like a lead turd. The film could be renamed I Spit On Your Grave: The Blind Edition, because the city they live in might as well be the woods the former film takes place in. I was taken aback by the sheer lack of character depth and common sense. As I mentioned before, the good guys are just too good to be true and the bad guys are just the slimy-est rat bastards ever. Don’t forget the incompetent cops the film throws in for good measure.

The film does not survive the most basic of logic tests. Let me throw an example out there. This is but one of many logical gaffes. Hrithik is on his revenge tear and he starts that off by saying no one will ever know what hit them because they won’t get a shred of evidence. I am sitting in the cinema hall thinking to myself “Yeah, He can do it. Let’s see what the film has in store for me.”

When his actual revenge starts, however, the guy wears no gloves. Like seriously dude, I know you are trying to be the Indian version of Daredevil but put some thought into your super-duper, high-tech, holy shit revenge plan. He leaves his prints all over the place and the idiot cops say there is no evidence to be found. I’m there in the theater thinking to myself “Mujhe Chutiya Samajtha Hain Kya?”

I know the argument people usually have. They tell me to enjoy the film as a film and stop being a nitpicking douche. I nod my head and respectfully disagree with your statements. The issue here is that the film goes out of its way to tell me it is intelligent. If a film did not draw my attention to it, I wouldn’t have cared. This film does and one quick logic test later, I see a million plot holes. I want to like every film I watch but I cannot excuse blatant idiocy.

I will not dump on this film too much. I may be suffering the same patronizing behavior that makes most people like this film, I don’t know. My rating might be enough to suffice my feelings towards it. It is a film where there are no stakes because your hero becomes an untouchable omniscient God who has some of the worst lines ever. The villains are just half-wit hacks who have some of the worst lines ever too. No one is given anything new to work with and the movie shows a hearty middle finger to your deductive reasoning.

There is a specific reason as to why Badlapur was so loved amongst so many people. That film tried to explore the ill effects of the eye for an eye philosophy by giving the audience complex and layered characters. This film already has its whole cinematic world going blind around it and I could only wince at every instance of ludicrousness the film tried to pass off as great.

OVERALL SCORE – 1-75-stars

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