Eradane Sala: The Only Movie That Ever Made Me Angry



I love the art of cinema. I love every single aspect of it and the work that goes into making a motion picture. There are good films and bad films. There are movies that I love and movies that have infuriated/frustrated me. But there is no single film that made me angry until I saw Eradane Sala. I’ll not go on a hyperbolic tangent here and call it the worst thing in existence or anything else of the sort. I’ll take this time to discuss why this film fails for me. It took me a few weeks to subdue my anger towards this film and talk about it with hindsight and a bit of perspective. So, here goes.


1. Director’s pedigree

Guruprasad is a fine filmmaker even if he is a bit full of himself. He made an all time classic black comedy when he burst onto the scene with Mata. The film was a very focused effort which had a lot to say about the human condition. After this came Eddelu Manjunatha, another brilliantly scripted and superbly acted black comedy. The film was a joy to watch because of its quotable lines and gut-burstingly hilarious scenes out the wazoo. The film has one specific soundbite that rang true to me. It was about how people ruin films and the petty reasons which are at play when a film loses its quality. This film showed the first chink in Guruprasad’s armor as it had a less than satisfying ending.

Then came his third effort “Director’s Special”. A film that took years to make and went through production hell. The final product was a messy film which lacked focus and had a distinct touch of heavy-handedness to it. This was a telling sign that the writer/director was buying into his bullshit. The film squandered its interesting premise with piss poor storytelling and one of the most self-serving endings ever put to film. The film, however, did have a few things to appreciate. There is some good humor and the primary conceit of the film is always a winner.

Then comes Eradane Sala. The film was marketed as Guruprasad’s first romance movie. The man took 4 years to come out with the film. Production hell, disagreements with the producer and actors etc delayed the film’s release. Every director has a bad movie in his reportiore and I went in to the film with this in mind after sitting through his previous effort. But this film had a ridiculous premise, unbelievably unlikable characters and a “fuck you” ending that made the audience in my cinema hall groan in disapproval. This film was the pinnacle of one man’s egoistic storytelling where he shoves in a “social message” to mask the blatant ineptitude in writing and directing. His own statement about how ego ruins films is on full display here and I could only watch in disbelief as he played himself.

I have my perversions and I do enjoy crude sexual humor. But that style of humor works when its in small doses and when it is written cleverly. This film has no semblance of intelligent writing once the opening credits have passed. It is plainly regressive. It is exercise in one man’s warped understanding of human emotions and how they work.


2. The Fear That Haunts Most Young People

I’ll take this section to specifically explain why the twist the film offers up is heinous and plays up the fear that most young people in the audience experience on a daily basis. This might be the snowflake/liberal douchebag/libtard/sickular in me talking but from the conversations I’ve had with people of my age and younger, the primary fear these youngsters/millennials possess is “being emotionally crippled by their parents”. They fear being manipulated by the huge amount of emotional sway their parents have over them. These are things people don’t talk about out in the open because they fear judgement from a society that teaches you that your parents are infallible and not capable of making a single bad choice pertaining to their child’s life.

This leads to the point that angered me while watching this film.

The film has the character of a mother who manipulates two young people into falling in “love” with each other, breaks them up, drags their emotional well-being through the mud and finally gets them back together again. She does all this because she wants to be sure that her son would not put her up in an old-age home. That just happened.

Now I want every reader to ask themselves these questions “If your parent manipulated your love life to the highest degree to only serve themselves, would you be okay with it? would you think it was done for your benefit or for their own? would you think your parent was a good person? wouldn’t you think this situation, like any situation, could be dealt with by means of a single conversation?”

Breaking someone’s psyche because you refuse to have an adult conversation with your grown-ass son/daughter is not the mark of a good parent. If you think manipulation is the way to go to achieve your personal end game with your children, FUCK YOU! THIS FUCKING ATTITUDE IS PART OF THE REASON AS TO WHY THEY WANT YOU OUT OF THEIR LIVES! I’M PRETTY SURE YOU’VE ALREADY CAUSED IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO THEIR LIVES OVER THE YEARS YOU’VE HAD THEM AROUND YOU!

Sit your ass down and talk to your children, listen to them, respond to them, respect them, learn from them when need be because the world is moving forward with or without you.


3. Men and Women, Is sexual fulfillment the only thing required for a healthy relationship?

Then we come to our two main characters. Some of the most shallow and one-note characters one can ever write.

I concede that the first time one sees a nice looking guy/girl, one is bound to have a feeling of sexual attraction towards them. It’s a rule of nature and we are all bound to it. Lust is ever present and inescapable. The film makes a good choice out the blocks and shows that our lead characters are drawn to each other by lust. I for one respect that sentiment. The film doubles down on this sentiment however and does not let its characters breathe and explore who they actually are. I could describe the lead guy in this film as “Horny guy who is sad because he lost the fuck buddy his mother bestowed upon him” and I wouldn’t be wrong. The film is narrated non-linearly and every single scene involving the two leads is chock full of sexual innuendo or outright sexual acts. There is more to men than just the need to stick their dicks into the nearest hole but this film says “No. All men want is to fuck anything that’s breathing” and drops the mic. And also, FUCK YOU if you tell me the initial scenes with those ancillary characters means anything. 

Then comes the lead female. She is the most entertaining of the three leads the film has to offer but that’s not high praise. She’s the skinniest kid in fat camp. I’m not questioning her acting skills here, she’s a joy to watch, my problems lie with her characterization. The view towards women the film possess is disheartening. I’m a hot-blooded male and I have no qualms in saying I enjoyed some of the scenes with the female characters and her rambunctious nature when it came to sexual exploration. But as I detached myself from it, I had no other reason to like or relate to this woman. Is that all she is? is she a sex object with a few quirks? is the film saying that pleasing her man and being good to old people and babies and supporting her family, the only goal of her life? does she have a character of her own without these generic good girl qualities?

The film doubles down on this sentiment with a small but very telling scene. The guy comes into a room and tries to kiss the girl. She tells him to back-off as she has reservations and is thinking about her life with him. The internal dialogue of the guy goes something like this, “Please your man when he asks you to and you’ll never have a worry a day in your life because once you do that, he’ll do anything for you”. This is not an offhanded remark mind you. The audio in the films goes down and this line reading rises to the top. The film wants you to pay attention to this. It wants you to know that this is an important life lesson all of us are going to learn.

That one line is degrading both men and women while showing how stunted the film’s emotional range is. I would have given the film top marks if it showed me that these character’s mental growth is stunted as a result of their surroundings but nope, they just are who they are and all the movie paints broad strokes on what men and women truly are according to its warped reality.

In conclusion, there are multiple other reasons as to why I hate this film. But most of all, it was an unsavory experience for me because of its heavy handedness and the way it thinks its audiences are idiots. There is no respect shown to the film’s audience that includes men, women, senior citizens, parents, friends and many other groups.

I do not hold anything against people who like this film. To each his own.

To me, however, this film can just go to hell. This film took 4 years to make but has horrible editing and low-quality lip syncing. You took 4 years and made a film and paid no attention to detail with the technical aspects of film-making. Before I go off on another numbered rant, please watch this film as a clinic on how not to make a film or write characters. 


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