Mom: Problematic, Plodding, Predictable, and Slightly Provoking

Sridevi, a super diva of Indian cinema in the ’80s and ’90s, has found herself a new niche. The erstwhile glamor queen seems to have now made it a point to expose the audience at large to the oft-forgotten stories of the everyday woman. One such woman that most folk can relate to is a mother. Nearly every person that buys a ticket has had his/her life molded by a maternal figure, which brings the film its instant audience-investment.

Mom is about Devaki (Sridevi), a mild-mannered yet capable high school teacher. She keeps her household ticking along, she commands her classroom with élan, and she serves the society in her own way by imbuing values into her students, but through all her triumphs, she struggles to connect with her eldest daughter (Sajal Ali).

Her need to be accepted by her daughter leads her to help the young girl fulfill one of her wishes. This act of motherly love soon comes undone as, owing to some fragile male egos, the daughter is put through the unimaginable pain and trauma of an assault. And after the courts acquit the perpetrators and the police profess powerlessness, Devaki herself decides to exact revenge.

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Mom Review


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