Transformers: The Last Knight – I Can’t Laugh With This Movie, I’ll Laugh At It.

As I booked my tickets to indulge in the next film in Michael Bay’s Transformers saga, I knew I had to prepare myself for the intense viewing experience, both physically and mentally. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and worked out for two straight hours. I made myself a healthy breakfast comprising of oats and berries. I dressed well and coiffed my hair. Finally, I looked into the mirror and told myself, “You will not fall asleep at another Transformers movie. NOT AGAIN.”

I made my way to the cinema a few minutes before the screening was about to begin. Not wanting to waste these precious few minutes with mindless staring, I read the room, or more so the lobby, trying to gauge the anticipation of the audience. There were people young and younger (no old person in sight) brimming with enthusiasm waiting to catch the next episode in Optimus Prime’s journey. I readily lowered my expectations (as previously resolved) and walked into a hall buzzing with youthful exuberance. 150 minutes later, almost every single soul in that hall had their energy level depleted as it slowly dawned on them that they had been conned into thinking they were witnessing a fun summer blockbuster.

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Transformers: The Last Knight Review


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