Munna Michael: The Things My Job Makes Me Watch

As a person who writes about cinema, you are occasionally asked by your overlords to watch movies you wouldn’t be caught dead watching otherwise. I respect their requests and make my way to the theater, and am intermittently surprised by the genuine quality said movies possess. Those are the days I tell myself to never judge a film by its title or poster.

And then there are days like this.

Munna Michael is a dance-centric film starring Tiger Shroff as the titular Munna Michael. Due to a fatuous set of sequences the screenplay puts him through, he finds himself in Delhi employed as a dance instructor by a gangster Mahinder (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). The gangster (Mahinder) wants to learn the art form as a means to woo a bar dancer (Nidhi Agarwal) he is in “love” with, and who herself has aspirations of winning a dance reality show (the film pokes fun at reality shows but ends up focusing its final act on one). I’m in disbelief that I said those sentences and was still somewhat entertained by the first half of the film.

Films like these do not ask the audiences to reflect or introspect. I had no inclination to put much thought into it either, but I can only do that if a film keeps its entertainment quotient at a high and my boredom at a low. Since that is not the case, here are some nuggets.

For the full version of this review please visit: 

Munna Michael Review


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