Goutham Nanda: Well.. Um.. Gopichand Is Fun Again

I might be on an island with this opinion but I was quite disappointed at Gopichand’s foray into being a hero. His menacing turns in Varsham and Jayam had me salivating at the fact that Tollywood had found a captivating bad guy who would be the consummate immovable object to any good guy’s unstoppable force.

The good guys were disposable but Gopichand’s intensity and ominous screen presence were inimitable. While movies headlining him have ranged from bad to passable to the occasional good, his characters in said movies rarely, if ever, captured the imagination like his aforementioned cracks at being a villain. Could Goutham Nanda be the film that would shift my perspective and help me embrace Gopichand as a “hero”?

Turns out, not quite.

Goutham Nanda follows the stories of Goutham and Nanda – the former the sole heir to a massive fortune amassed by his oft-absentee parents and in search of an identity of his own; and the latter the sole heir to his parent’s never-ending series of issues, poverty and debts, and dreaming of living the high life while endlessly parroting The Wolf Of Wall Street’s most quoted line.

Owing to a chance meeting and a minor application of twin magic, the men exchange their ecosystems for a period of 30 days as a means to experience their deepest desires.

Goutham Nanda Review


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