Darshakudu: Horrible Characters Make For Horrible Movies

We all have that one friend. You know, that guy/girl that thinks he/she knows better. They supposedly know more about everything and can’t stop patting themselves on the back about how much of a godsend they are. A person so toxic that being in his/her presence destroys your confidence and makes you feels horrible about the person you are. You look at that person and think to yourself, “Dude, this guy/gal can have a whole conversation with him/herself and be content as a self-serving tool because he/she has no time for external input or feedback.”

Now that you have a picture of this person materializing before your eyes and the feeling this person induces in your heart, I would kindly ask you to associate these emotions with Darsakudu. After the appalling 2016 Kannada film Eradane Sala, 2017’s Darsakudu reaches a similar level of atrociousness, at least in my book.

This film likes to reference other movies while talking about how it “sets itself apart” from the crowd. In that vein, I’ll use other films to compare and contrast as I write my review.

For the full review, please visit:

Darshakudu Review


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