Jab Harry Met Sejal: Will Not Be As Legendary As The Title Its Aping

Imtiaz Ali and Shahrukh Khan making a film together? Damn.

Two men who have been accused of rarely veering away from their tried and tested paths join hands with When Harry Met Sejal. Ali and his proclivity for tweaking the same basic story over and over again with every new project (except for Highway) combine with Shahrukh “please stop making romance/unfunny movies because you actually have so much more range” Khan.

In an interview, the “King” Khan (talking about his future projects) made the statement (being paraphrasing here) “I’m branching out from the so-called Shahrukh formula. Hopefully, the audience sees and appreciates my efforts.” Well, here we go Mr. Khan – I am a fan of most of your work (including the divisive latest ones Raees and Dear Zindagi), and was sitting amongst many other such fans hoping you’d surprise us with your latest offering. Alas.

From what I could glean (from in between the screams of a few young ladies) the movie tells the story of a Lothario named Harry – absconding from Punjab, now Canadian citizen and European tour guide – and a girl named Sejal who has lost her an engagement ring which is very important to her fiancée. The duo travels across Europe attempting to locate said ring while the film attempts to find some sort of romantic connection between the broken and distraught Harry and manic pixie Sejal.

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Jab Harry Met Sejal Review


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